Core Value/Purpose


Open and authentic transactions with one another with a focus on active listening


All work will be completed in an ethical and honest manner. We will strive to stay true to your character and organizational values in the face of adversity.


Influencing others to embrace the core values of our organization through dedication respect and accountability

Diversity and Inclusion

Our organization embraces the differences among our employees and reflects the unique nature of our community

Commitment to Customer Service

Commitment to outstanding customer service where everyone feels valued and their concerns are heard.

Building relationship

Develop and sustain a connection, association, and involvement with co-workers, vendors, and clients.


Inspiring the Imaginable a different way of thinking and ultimately a unique experience for those attending events

Exuding Excellence

Professionalism in our business dealings and public service

Attention to Details

The little things DO matter


To perform your obligations at the highest ethical standard whether in a group or alone.